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Be it a minor repair to your roof, a strip and re-tile or a complete new roof, with a multitude of colours in either clay or concrete tile, tiling can transform your home. We can also offer repair or renovations for tile hung properties.

For a more traditional look natural or synthetic slate can be used on your roof. Reclaimed slate can be use to blend seamlessly on period properties. Installed correctly a slate roof will last 60-125 years with very little maintenance.

Velux Windows

Available in many sizes and styles, the installation of Velux windows can transform a room creating a light, airy space. They are suitable for all types of roof with various flashings to ensure a perfect fit. We can also offer a fully comprehensive range of speciality Velux blinds to suit your requirements.

Roof Valeting
If your roof is riddled with moss or algae, then over time, it will breakdown the composite of the tiles until they flake, crack or become porous. Valeting uses a power wash system to completely remove moss & algae, bringing a “new” look to your roof, which can then be treated with algaecide to prevent re-growth. The pointing of hips and ridges are then checked and repaired where necessary and any damaged tiles are replaced. The result – a “new” look roof, which should stay that way for many years.

Leadwork and Flashing
Over time, leadwork and flashings can deteriorate, allowing water ingress. The remedy is to remove existing lead and replace it with new appropriately coded lead, re-pointing and re-tiling as required.


We can provide a full guttering repair or replacement service using cast iron or aluminium for that period look or UPVC in a variety of colourways to suit your home.

Soffits and Fascias
Soffits and fascia boards protect joist ends and facilitate secure and easy fitting of guttering. Both are available in either UPVC or wood.

Strip and Re-Tile
Should your roof have badly deteriorated we can strip away the existing tiles, replace the felt with either traditional felt or the new, more advanced Tyvek, then fit new battens before re-fixing the original tiles, replacing only any damaged ones and then re-bed the hip and ridges. This process gives an old roof a new lease of life without the expense of new tiles.

Innovative New Roofing Systems
As well as traditional roofing methods we can offer “dry” ridge, hip, valley or verge systems of roofing. These methods involve bolting the ridge or hip tile onto the roof as apposed to bedding them in the normal sand cement mortar, thus creating a much more secure roof which gives a higher tolerance to more extreme weather conditions. These systems are particularly effective on coastal regions and more exposed areas. The lack of bedding materials means that these systems can be installed in all weathers, are around 33% quicker to install and should last approximately 30 years. We offer a 10 year guarantee on all new roofs.

Renovation Work and all types of Repairs
Our qualified staff are well versed in all aspects of roofing and can provide a quick efficient service with a high standard of work. Many of our customers come to us by personal recommendation so we ensure that we provide all our clients with consistently good, courteous service at all times. No matter how big or small your project we are happy to provide you with a free quotation and no obligation advice.

Flat Roofing
We are able to offer a selection of flat roofing options ranging from the traditional hot bitumen sealed felt with mineral chippings to the newer more advanced REHENFAOR and Rappenol Single Ply roofing system which uses a custom cut piece of specially developed rubber (EPDM) which is glued to the decking and sealed with edger strips reducing the risk of leaks. REHENFAOR and Rappenol Single Ply roofing system give a 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee on roofs installed using their system by qualified approved fitters.

Industrial Roofing
Fileon roofing systmems and all forms of metal and composite cadding panels.


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